ANPA in collaboration with Aldrich Astronomical Club, Nepal Physical Society, and Worcester State University is proud to present

Joseph DePasquale (Senior Science Visuals Developer, Space Telescope Science Institute)

Date: Oct 18th, 2022, 9:30AM USA ET 

Title: Webb’s First Look at the Universe

Abstract: After three decades of meticulous planning, overcoming setback after setback, the scientists and engineers behind the construction of the James Webb Space Telescope as well as astronomers and science fans the world over watched with nervous anticipation as the telescope successfully launched on Christmas Day 2021. The weeks and months following Webb’s incredible launch, a time known as commissioning, were punctuated by many nail-biting moments as the telescope transformed in the vacuum of space, unfolding into a fully functional state-of-the-art observatory that is now revealing the hidden infrared universe in incredible detail. Join me as we review some highlights from Webb’s commissioning, discuss some of the first images from Webb, and take a deep dive into Webb’s first deep field image.