ANPA Student Travel Grant (ASTG)

General Information

ANPA student travel grant (ASTG) award aims to assist students with funding to increase their professional activities through their participation at national/international conferences in the field of physical sciences and/or engineering. The travel award is designed as a monetary source of last resort, available to those students who are not able to attend and present their research at a scientific event due to the lack of funding through other sources even though they are close to graduation. The grant will be in the amount up to USD 200.00.

Application process

Any eligible student shall submit an application for the travel grant in November for the succeeding year. An application will include an online form and a letter/email from the mentor/advisor to be sent directly to ANPA. The ASTG recipient will be announced in the first week of January. The recipient student will be responsible for reporting the changes in plan or the proposed conference to ANPA by email, if required.

Submitting expense report and reimbursement

Awardees are strongly encouraged to email ANPA to verify whether the conference they are attending is eligible for ASTG or not. Please remember that local/state level meetings/conferences are not eligible.

The awardee student will submit an expense report and proof of participation no later than 21 days from the last day of the conference via email. Students may write a paragraph describing the ANPA student travel grant program and suggestions (if any). After reviewing the submitted documents, the decision committee will direct the ANPA treasurer to proceed with the payment.

Eligibility and Award Terms

Any ANPA member, currently a full-time student enrolled at a US university is eligible for the ASTG. Students should be ANPA member at the time of application and the conference.

Students should not be fully supported by other agencies.

The applicant must be the presenting author.

One student will receive an award only one time throughout his/her student life.

Local Chapter and State level scientific events/meetings are not eligible.

Note that submitting an application does not guarantee funding. Students receiving ANPA funds will be required to acknowledge the support of the ANPA in produced materials and/or presentations and are expected to participate in future ANPA events.