A Novel Method of Learning and Teaching Physics That Draws Near Hundred Percent Success

Chandra P. Joshi, PhD

Department of Physics

Durham Tech

Due to the fact that there is an increasing demand for scientists and engineers to advance the current science and develop new technologies, and due to the fact that Physics is the only field that aims to know nature from quarks to cosmos (and in between), and due the (surprising) fact that very low percentage of students learn Physics before their high school graduation in the USA, it is important to revolutionize the way of teaching and learning Physics in the higher education. That is why- an out of box teaching and learning method- is developed and tested. The results are such that a hundred percent of the enrolled students complete the course with high-quality learning and high grades. All the trained students either get or create jobs or go to higher study after completing their program. This seminar will focus on ‘how we developed and implemented such a method for the Physics courses?’