Bulletin of ANPA

Abstract submitted to ANPA Conference July 14–16, 2023

Volume 5, Number 1

Physics Education Research
Abstract ID: ANPA2023-N00090


ANPA2023-N00090: Improving Teaching in Physics Courses Using SCALE-UP Pedagogies


  • Ganga P Sharma; Fairmont State University

Students can most effectively learn physics courses when they actively engage in learning activities. Inquiry-based learning in a studio-like technology-rich setting is the most salient feature of SCALE-UP model of instruction. The successful implementation of this learning environment over 500 colleges and universities across the US and around the world, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has shown significant results in students’ learning outcomes and retention, including improvements in attendance rates and grades as well as enhancements in problem-solving skills and overall understanding. This talk summarizes approaches for improving teaching and learning in physics courses in the SCALE-UP style.

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